Lesson learned: there are insects in Africa

Lesson learned in Africa, no. 1.

Do NOT take off your glasses before checking that there are no animals in the shower. I nearly stepped on a HUGE cockroach today, gross!!! I doomed it (there’s a spray that kills insects within seconds) – i.e. normally it would have taken seconds, but this little fella’ held on for minutes… Yuk!

“Oriental Cockroaches probably get their names from trade ships but they are actually from Africa. They are large and very dark compared to other cockroaches. They usually travel through sewer pipes and drains. They prefer dirty places and cooler temperatures than other cockroaches. An Oriental cockroach creates a strong smell and is considered one of the dirtiest of all the cockroaches.”


~ by Nina on September 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lesson learned: there are insects in Africa”

  1. Hei vi hade domdär samma kackerlackorna i Vietnam också! ❤

  2. Lovely creatures, aren’t they!

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